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Bitcoin mixer questions

We have received dozens of emails from you. In most of the emails, you ask the same questions over and over again. Therefore, we have prepared this short QA document that addresses the most common questions.

Why do I need to use a Bitcoin mixer?

The Bitcoin blockchain that records every single Bitcoin transaction is public. Therefore, Bitcoin mixing is critical if you don't want third parties to know your crypto spending habits.

There are dozens of blockchain analytics companies that sell their services to governments and businesses for blockchain surveillance.

Bitcoin mixing is recommended for anyone from free-market users to dissident journalists, wealthy Bitcoin hodlers, and businesses that want to protect against competitors. If you're one of them, we recommend using a Bitcoin mixer.

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How does a Bitcoin mixer work?

The principle of a Bitcoin mixer is to cut the link between "incoming" and "outgoing" coins. To achieve this, Bitcoin mixer combines multiple Bitcoin payments from multiple spenders into a single transaction to make it more difficult for other parties to determine which spender paid which recipient or recipients.

We can compare this method to a group of people who put their cash into the shared wallet and go shopping. While everyone will spend only the amount of money they gave, the shoppers won't necessarily pay with the exact bills they put into the shared wallet.

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Is Bitcoin mixing safe?

Unfortunately, not all Bitcoin mixers are reliable. Low security, poor encryption, and weak infrastructure are the most common problems that Bitcoin mixers face. Even though Mixers seem technically simple, developing a secure Bitcoin mixer is not easy.

Another problem with Bitcoin is that the previous owner's transactions can contaminate them. Let's say someone uses Bitcoin to commit a crime. To erase trace, one mixes these coins using a Bitcoin mixer. Subsequently, someone else uses this Bitcoin mixer to anonymize the payment for a legal website subscription. Since the criminal's Bitcoins could have contaminated the mixer's pool, the person paying for the website subscription could be "marked," or even blacklisted from that site. Therefore, when choosing a Bitcoin mixer, advise you to use a trusted service.

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What's the best Bitcoin mixer?

With many mixers on the market today, it can be quite tricky to choose the best bitcoin mixing service. Therefore, use Bitcoin mixers that:

  • let you mix Bitcoins without requiring registration, email address, or other information,
  • provide an onion (Tor browser) version,
  • remove all transaction logs immediately after mixing your coins,
  • have regular Terms and Privacy policies,
  • let you mix as little as 0.01 BTC,
  • need only one confirmation before they mix your Bitcoins,
  • provide a delayed payout that prolongs the time before the mixer sends you the coins back,
  • let you check the status of your transaction,
  • provide proper customer support.

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Are Bitcoin mixers legal?

Governments and authorities do not want you to use tools or services that help you to make your cryptocurrency transactions untraceable. This includes both Bitcoin mixers and Bitcoin anonymizers. Even though Bitcoin mixing is not explicitly illegal, it's undoubtedly not desired by the authorities.

Therefore, when it comes to using a Bitcoin mixing service, it is your sole responsibility to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in your country.

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What do you think about the Bitcoin wallet with a mixer?

Bitcoin mixers are not always for an average user. Fortunately, there is a more user-friendly alternative available, a Bitcoin wallet with a built-in mixer.

A Bitcoin wallet with a mixer is a Bitcoin wallet that has a Bitcoin mixing feature built-in. When you use a Bitcoin mixing wallet, you don't need to use a standard Bitcoin mixer anymore as the wallet does the job. On top of it, compared to anonymous Bitcoin wallets, the Bitcoin mixing wallets have additional features to enhance your privacy.

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