Bitcoin mixer scams

Bitcoin mixer scams

There are dozens of Bitcoin mixing services out there. While many are solid and trustworthy, unfortunately, most of them are a scam. Therefore, to avoid losing your money, follow our tips to avoid Bitcoin mixer fraud.

How to identify a trustworthy mixer (and a scammer)

Far more important than to avoid bitcoin mixer scammer is to identify a trustworthy Bitcoin mixer. However, with so many Bitcoin mixers on the internet, it can be quite challenging to choose the trustworthy one. Therefore, to recognize a reliable Bitcoin mixer, follow these few tips.

  1. Do your homework—start with your own research. Go to trustworthy internet boards, such as or Reddit, and ask the guys over there. We don't recommend visiting darknet forums as the number of scammers on the dark web is far higher, and the advice you would get might not be right. Therefore, choose reputable clearnet boards and get your questions answered there.
  2. How does the Bitcoin mixer look like? Is the website trustworthy and looks like someone has invested time and effort into it? Stick with mixers with a professional presentation and avoid web sites that you'd not buy (other stuff) from.
  3. Test the mixer's customer support. Ask questions and wait for answers. You can ask questions such as how long the mixers has been in operation, what is the minimum amount that you can mix, and what is a typical turnaround time for mixing your specific amount. Mixers that don't respond before doing business with them will unlikely answer when you truly need them.
  4. How long does the Bitcoin mixer keep the logs? Even though mixers usually keep the logs temporarily, for troubleshooting, they should delete them as soon as the mixing process is complete. Obviously, choose Bitcoin mixers that remove the logs as soon as the transaction is over—so that no trace of your mixing transaction is ever stored in their books.
  5. Does the Bitcoin mixer provide terms and privacy statements? Even though mixers are usually considered unofficial, or informal services, it's always recommended to study clear terms.
  6. What is the mixer's service fee? Different Bitcoin mixers charge different amounts, but you should be careful of anything that looks too good to be true.

Now that you know how to identify a trustworthy mixer, you should be able to easily recognize the opposite ones.

List of trustworthy mixers

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of Bitcoin mixers that were considered reliable at the time of writing this article. However, since we are not affiliated with any of the mixers listed below (except our own, we cannot guarantee that things won't change. With this being said, any mixer that is on the list below can, at any given time, become unreliable.

To make sure you won't lose your money, always do an initial mix with a smaller amount first. Additionally, instead of mixing one large amount, we always recommend breaking the amount into several smaller amounts and alternatively using several different mixers, instead of one.

Now, the list: is our very own Bitcoin anonymization service. Besides traditional mixing, also offers a unique Bitcoin anonymization feature. During the Bitcoin anonymization, your Bitcoins are converted into privacy coin Monero, and you are returned anonymized Bitcoins back. is the service provided by us and therefore the only one we can guarantee. is a fast and anonymous Bitcoin mixer. It has all of the features you typically need to mix your coins, at very low fees. is a popular Bitcoin mixer. It has low deposit limits, minimal fees, and all of the features you would typically need from a Bitcoin mixer. On top of it, it has one of the lowest service fees on the market. is another popular Bitcoin mixer. It features low deposit limits, low fees, and all of the characteristics you would need from a Bitcoin mixer. If you are looking for a reliable Bitcoin mixer with lots of user-customizable options, then won't disappoint you. is a Bitcoin mixer with a darknet site for enhanced privacy. It supports Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin, and a whole range of coin mixing features. Unfortunately, Bitmix it lacks an important feature — to check the status of your transaction. is a darknet Bitcoin mixer with a clean and simple user interface. It has most of the features other Bitcoin mixers have and is a great alternative to mixers listed above. is a unique Tor Bitcoin mixer that says to acquire clean coins from various cryptocurrency exchanges such as DigiFinex, Cryptonex, and Binance. If you are looking for a mixer to get your coins ready for crypto exchange, then give a try.

For a more complete list of bitcoin mixers and features, please refer to our article about Deep web Bitcoin mixers.

Safety of a trustworthy Bitcoin mixer

Even when using a trustworthy Bitcoin mixer from the above list, you should be aware of several problems that affect Bitcoin mixers (and users that use them).

  1. Technical issues — not all Bitcoin mixers are safe. Low security, poor encryption implementation, and weak infrastructure are the most common technical issues that Bitcoin mixers face. Unfortunately, there is no way to check whether a Bitcoin mixer is secure enough—unless you get someone else's feedback, or try it yourself. Therefore, we always recommend mixing a small amount before doing higher volumes.
  2. Legal issues — to keep track of cryptocurrency transactions, governments are rolling out dozens of regulations. KYC, AMLD5, and the "Travel" rule by FATF are only a few of the rules that aim to prevent the use of the financial system for money laundering or terrorist financing. With the growing pressures, any Bitcoin mixer can become a victim of a seizure by the authorities. The chances are low that you would be using the mixer at the time the raid would happen, and you would eventually lose your coins. However, the succeeding analysis of (undeleted) mixer's logs (by authorities) can reveal your transactions and identity. Therefore, use mixers with strong logs policy.
  3. Quality issues — a general problem with Bitcoin is that the previous owner's transactions can contaminate them. To avoid this, Bitcoin mixers formulate their terms to prohibit the use of their service to legalize illegal income, financing of terrorism, participation in schemes of phishing, forgery, or other such falsification or manipulation. Always look into the mixer's terms to see if they include such a statement and avoid mixers that don't have it.

Got scammed?

If you feel you got scammed, don't go public. Instead, contact the Bitcoin mixer and try to resolve the issue with them directly.

First and foremost, be polite. It's likely that the issue is only a technical inconvenience that can be resolved fairly easily.

If the Bitcoin mixer is not willing to resolve your problem, try to be more strict. Let them know that you will take the issue public (on boards and internet forums).

If they won't help, do it. Provide your feedback and negative experience with the Bitcoin mixer on boards. Even though it won't likely help you to get your money back, you will help other users and prevent them from being scammed, like you.

Unfortunately, due to Bitcoin's anonymous nature, and the anonymous nature of Bitcoin mixers, you don't have many legal options to get your money back. Therefore, make sure to follow our tips above to avoid Bitcoin mixer fraud as much as you can.