Bitcoin wallet with a mixer

Bitcoin wallet with a mixer

There's a bunch of dedicated Bitcoin mixers that will help you to break the connection between a Bitcoin sending and receiving addresses. A Bitcoin mixer, however, might not always be for an average Bitcoin user. Fortunately, there is a more user-friendly alternative available nowadays—a Bitcoin wallet with a built-in mixer.

As the name suggests, a Bitcoin wallet with a mixer is a Bitcoin wallet that has a Bitcoin mixing feature built-in. When you use a Bitcoin mixing wallet, you don't need to use a standard Bitcoin mixer anymore as the wallet does the job. On top of it, compared to anonymous Bitcoin wallets, the Bitcoin mixing wallets have additional features to enhance your privacy.

Let's look at the available Bitcoin wallets with a mixer in detail.

Samourai—Bitcoin mixer wallet

Samourai wallet is an open-source, non-custodial, anonymous Bitcoin wallet with a mixer based on the CoinJoin method.

CoinJoin is a method for combining multiple Bitcoin payments from multiple spenders into a single transaction to make it more difficult to determine which spender paid which recipient or recipients.

When sending funds to a third party exchange such as Coinbase, Gemini, ShapeShift, or LocalBitcoins, you can use a handy feature called Ricochet that adds extra hops of history to your transaction.

The Samourai wallet generates a new address for each transaction, significantly increasing your anonymity. To hide your IP address, all transactions are routed through the Tor network.

Besides providing highly secure ways to manage your Bitcoin, the Samourai wallet also makes it easy to run a full Bitcoin node and includes a stealth mode feature that hides the wallet app from your device until you enter a secret code.

The Samourai wallet also provides offline functionality, that allows you to broadcast your crypto transactions to the relevant network using SMS or a mesh network.

The only disadvantage of the Samourai wallet is its limited availability for Android devices only.

To learn more about the Samourai wallet, go to

Wasabi—Bitcoin mixing wallet

Wasabi is a relatively new, anonymous, Bitcoin wallet with a mixer. It is an open-source, non-custodial, privacy-focused Bitcoin wallet that uses a trustless bitcoin mixing method called CoinJoin—the same bitcoin tumbling method as the Samourai wallet does.

To increase privacy, Wasabi routes all of its transactions through the Tor network by default.

Wasabi Wallet is available for desktop computers only, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Unfortunately, there is no Android or iOS version available.

To learn more about the Wasabi wallet, go to

Rahakott—Bitcoin wallet mixer

Rahakott is an anonymous wallet with a Bitcoin mixer. Along with Bitcoin, Rahakott supports several other cryptocurrencies.

No personal details (name, phone number, or e-mail address) are required to set up the Rahakott wallet.

The Rahakott wallet generates a new address for each transaction, significantly increasing your anonymity. All transactions are being routed through the Tor network to hide your IP address.

Finally, to reduce the chances that your transactions would be traced back to you, the Rahakott wallet has a built-in Bitcoin mixer.

To learn more about the Rahakott wallet, go to

Need more than just Bitcoin wallet mixing?

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