Bitcoin Shuffler

Use a typical Bitcoin Shuffler — or Anonymize your coins to give them complete secrecy, thanks to a privacy coin Monero.

Bitcoin Shuffler or Anonymizer?

Bitcoin Shuffler mixes your Bitcoins to make them hard to track.

Bitcoin Shuffler mixes your Bitcoins with other coins in dozens of cryptographic transactions. Bitcoin shuffling makes it tough, if not impossible, for the outside parties to link your Bitcoins back to you. It takes up to 3 hours, and we charge a 1 - 2.5% service fee, based on your preference. Learn more about Bitcoin shuffling or get started now.

Bitcoin mixer
Anonymizer takes advantage of a privacy coin to make your Bitcoins untraceable.

First, Anonymizer converts your Bitcoins to a private cryptocurrency Monero. Next, it turns anonymous Monero back to fresh, completely untraceable Bitcoins. Anonymizing takes up to 6 hours, and we charge a 5% service fee. Learn more about Monero privacy or get started now.

Shuffle your coins in 3 steps

No email. No registration. No KYC. No logs.
Return privacy to your Bitcoins in three easy steps.
Anonymize Bitcoins in 3 steps