Transaction status

Transaction status

Enter the Transaction ID to check the status of your transaction. If you don't remember the Transaction ID, you can use the Deposit address instead.
Check status of your transaction
What is the Transaction ID?

Transaction ID is a unique transaction identifier you receive when you start the Bitcoin tumbling process. You will find the Transaction ID at the top of the page — make sure to write it down. It looks like this:

Transaction ID
What is the Deposit address?

If you don't have the Transaction ID, you can alternatively find your transaction by entering the Deposit address. Deposit address is the Bitcoin address you sent the Bitcoin deposit to. You will find the Deposit address in your Bitcoin wallet, by the transaction.

I neither have the Transaction ID nor the Deposit address.

If you don't have the Transaction ID or the deposit address, then it's likely that you have never initiated the transaction. We might not be able to help. However, you can still send us all the details, and we'll see what we can do.

There's no transaction activity, what now?

The tumbling process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours. If you think your transaction is stuck, please send us your Transaction ID or Deposit address, and we'll check the transaction for you.